Dennis Martire

Dennis Martire‘s tenure within the Laborers’ International Union of North America (LiUNA) spans over three decades, commencing with his induction in 1990. Currently holding the esteemed positions of Vice President and Mid-Atlantic Regional Manager, Martire has demonstrated adept leadership since assuming these roles in January 2002. His journey within the union began as an International Representative for the LIUNA Jurisdictional Disputes Department in April 1990. Over time, he transitioned to the Laborers’ Construction Department, steadily rising from an assistant Director to ultimately becoming the Director of the department.

In March 2000, Martire took on the role of Assistant Regional Manager for the Mid-Atlantic Region, followed by his election as Vice President and Regional Manager two years later. Throughout the past three decades, Martire has emerged as a prominent figure driving numerous successful LiUNA initiatives. Notably, his pivotal role in facilitating workers’ choice regarding union membership during Fluor-Lane’s expansion of Route 495 Hot Lanes Project underscores his leadership. The resounding victory observed as workers overwhelmingly opted to join LiUNA Local 11 marked a significant achievement within Virginia’s construction sector, standing as one of the most notable union victories in recent history.

Moreover, Martire’s proactive engagement extends beyond individual project scopes. He worked diligently with Montgomery County, Maryland officials to enact prevailing wage legislation, aimed at ensuring fair compensation for working families. Such legislative measures not only uphold equitable remuneration but also enhance taxpayer value by boosting worker productivity. Extensive studies consistently affirm that prevailing wage laws result in improved worker efficiency, thereby expediting the completion of public works projects without unduly inflating costs for employers.